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"Great work..thank you very much! My daughter was so happy to get it!" ★★★★★ -Myriam

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How do I place an order?

It's really simple! But there are a few important things to know. We'll break it all down here.

      1. On this product page go through the fields starting right below the product price to make your product choices:

      • Print size
      • Whether you want your birth chart print framed or unframed
      • Your favorite color - you can scroll through the listing images to see larger images of each color
      • What font you want the name to be in - scroll to the second listing image to see your 8 font options
      • How you want the birth info to be displayed (birth date, time and location) - scroll to the third listing image to see your two options. Option 1 displays the birth date, time and location just as you would write it in plain text and numerals. Option 2 displays the date in Roman numerals and the location in coordinates. Option 2 is better for those who want to keep the birth date and place discreet.
      2. Now click "Add to Cart"

      3. Go to the cart page by clicking on the cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen

      4. Once on the cart page, type the necessary info: name (as you want it to appear on the print), birth date, time and place (including state for US births) in the "Order Notes" box. Unsure of the birth details? No problem! Skip down to the next FAQ question to see your options.

      5. Complete check out with a payment, and you're done! We accept major credit cards.

      I don't know the birth time and/or place. Can I still place an order?

      Absolutely! You don't have to miss out just because you don't have all the birth info. You have 3 options - email us the birth info after placing an order, buy an e-gift card or request a modified birth chart print. We'll break down when each option makes the most sense:

      Email After You Check Out
      If you feel confident you'll be able to find out the birth info,  you just don't know it off the top of your head, feel free to check out and then email the birth info as soon as you get it to Katie@birthchart.art. When you email us please include your order number or full name so we can easily locate your order. Once we get the birth date, time and location from you via email we'll get working on your print pronto!

      E-gift cards
      Getting an e-gift card is the best option if you would like your recipient to get the birth chart wall art exactly as displayed on our site but you can't get the birth info yourself. It will still be a lovely gifting experience. Your recipient will even get a virtual greeting card! Plus it's available within minutes of checkout! Check out all the details here.

      Modified Charts
      If it's not practical to obtain the birth info, but you really want your recipient to get a physical item by a certain date, then we can make a birth chart print with a modified birth chart. The modified chart is a simplified version - it will still have planets in zodiac signs, as well as aspects between them, but no houses or house cusps (including Ascendant and Midheaven). If you'd like a modified chart please let us know that you don't have all the birth info and want a modified chart in the "Order Notes" box on the cart checkout page. This will ensure there are no delays in preparing your order.

      Where do I enter the birth info for the astrological chart?

      Please enter the birth info in the "Order Notes" box on the cart page. After making your product choices and clicking "Add to Cart," hover over the cart icon located in the upper right corner of your screen. You'll see the "Order Notes" box - add the birth info here.

      I need a gift ASAP. Can you help me out?

      Absolutely! Our e-gift card is the perfect solution for last minute gifts or if you are unsure if your order will arrive on time. You'll get access to your e-gift card within minutes of checking out. E-gift cards come at no extra cost to you - 100% of your purchase amount will go straight to the recipient. Plus they are super easy to use!  You can snag one and get all the details here.

      Tell me about the birth chart art digital download - how is it delivered? what sizes can I print? when will I get it?

      The birth chart art digital download you'll receive is a high resolution, high definition digital file (7200 x 9600 pixels) that is suitable for both small and very large scale printing. We provide files in .PNG and .JPEG formats. Please indicate in the 'Order Notes' box if you have a preference. It will be sent within 48 hours to the email address you provided during checkout. If you need it sooner, please indicate so in the 'Order Notes' box and purchase priority processing (you will be prompted to add it to your order after completing checkout/payment). Your custom digital astrology art can be printed over and over again, and not just on paper!

      How much does shipping cost?

      All unframed birth chart wall art prints ship for $4.95 and all framed prints ship for $9.95.

      When can I expect my custom birth chart print to arrive?

      Framed Prints

      • Average time to prepare your order is 3-6 business days, with an average ship time of 3 business days*.

      Unframed Prints

      • Average time to fulfill your order is 3-6 days. Average ship time is 1-6 business days for about 85% of our orders, and 7-9 business days for 15%*

      *Time frames provided are estimates only. Time to prepare and deliver orders may fluctuate due to order volume or delays with your local shipping carrier. We offer priority processing if you want to avoid delays due to order volume. You'll see the option to add priority processing to your order after checking out and paying for your order.

      If you are concerned about your order not arriving on time, an e-gift card is the perfect solution! You can get it within minutes of checkout here.

      What kind of paper do you use?

      Opting for quality over economy, all our astrology posters are professionally printed and deigned to last without fading for a lifetime and beyond!

      Unframed personalized birth chart posters are printed on satin or lustre finish professional paper, featuring low glare and light reflection.

      Framed astrology posters are giclée-printed on archival, acid-free, museum-quality, thick and durable matte paper.

      What does the frame look like?

      All our framed prints come in a white frame made of alder, semi-hardwood from renewable forests. The frame is exceptionally light, and you don't have to worry about it breaking in transit as we use an acrylite front protector - a glare-free, durable and lightweight alternative to glass. Although looking at it, you wouldn't know the difference! The frame border is .75 inches wide; hanging hardware included.

      Do you offer a birth chart interpretation?

      Yes, we do! After you've checked out and completed your purchase a box will pop up offering to add a birth chart interpretation to your order with just one click. However, this offer will not appear for those who pay for the entire order with a gift card. In this case you'll receive an email informing you of your gift card balance and there will be a link to purchase the report.

      Our professional birth chart interpretations are quite in depth - 25+ pages! Your interpretation will be sent as a PDF file to the email you've provided during check out, usually in 24-48 hrs. At this time we do not ship print-outs of the birth chart interpretation - we offer digital files only. But if this interests you as a future product, please let us know!

      Where do you print and shipped from?

      All our astrology wall art prints are made in and shipped from the USA.

      What astrological elements do you use in a birth chart?

      For our astrology buffs - here are some of the technical natal chart specs that we use in our custom birth chart prints:

      • Tropical Zodiac
      • Placidus house system
      • Planets and astrological objects: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto, and true Moon Nodes
      • Major astrological aspects: Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine, and Opposition

        Other astrological house systems, as well as Chiron are available upon request. Just let us know in the order notes box when checking out.

        Customer Reviews

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        Beautiful presentation and quick delivery - thank you!


        Beautiful! A perfect bday gift.


        I really love this! It's a high quality print that looks great. The interpretation were sent to me very quickly (about 24 hours), and my questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. Also a really great price.


        I just want to say first how wonderful the seller is!!! They provided the most professional customer service, super friendly and helpful. And the posters came out beautifully of course! I definitely will buy again someday for some more astrological aesthetic, thank you so much :)


        I love it! Also, the owner is super nice and professional! Keep up the great work!